The OPEK 365 Beanie Knitting Machine | The Fastest on the Market

As the official North American agent for Opek, the leading innovator in the machine knitting industry, IMS Industrial Machine sales is first in line for the newest and fastest knitting machines on the market. Heifei Opek Machinery Co. exports to over 30 countries from Asia to the Americas, and their best machines end up right… Read more »

The 3 Most Popular Soccer Scarf Styles

To some, they are a source of pride. To those who hate your team, they are a source of venom and hatred! Regardless of which side of the fence you stand on, the soccer scarf is here to stay. When we say that they’re everywhere these days, we mean it. From the UK and North… Read more »

A brief history of the soccer scarf

What used to be a stylish accessory worn only by royalty is now the soccer fan’s favorite article of clothing. As versatile as it is practical, the soccer scarf (and the sports scarf in general) has become a staple of ravenous stadium crowds across the world. The authenticity and popularity of the types of scarves… Read more »

Partner Spotlight: Heifei Opek Machinery | Quality First – Customer Foremost

IMS Industrial Machine Sales offers a full line of machinery for the promotional headwear, retail headwear, and the sports scarf industry. As an agent for some of the world’s leading manufacturers, we have stood out from the rest because of our business partners. We are exclusive partners for manufacturers of affordable and reliable equipment, and… Read more »

Love Your Melon: How Beanie Caps Are Fighting Cancer

It’s not something we like to think about, but 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. And, although we’ve made great strides in the fight to prevent, treat, and fight off this terrible condition, we have still not found a viable cure. With so many organizations and events aimed at raising money to find… Read more »

How to Choose a Custom Scarf: Custom Sports Scarf Buyers Guide

Teams, companies, organizations, and even pubs and microbreweries all want to feel a sense of camaraderie. They all want to feel as though they belong together and are working toward a common goal, and there is only one real way to make that happen: a custom sports scarf. More versatile, comfortable, and fashionable (and easier… Read more »

Scarf Manufacturing Benefiting Soccer Fans Around the World: And We Are Happy to Help

It might not be as popular here in Canada and the USA, but go anywhere around the world and you’ll see that Soccer (or as they say, “football”!) is the king of all world sports. Nothing excites fans and drives the crowds wild like seeing a skilled striker ply his art form and blast a… Read more »

How to Make Headwear That Flies Off the Shelves

If you’re a manufacturer, then trying to find the right angles to market your product is priority number one. When it comes to headwear, you have got to take it one step further than simply selling on the benefits of warding off the cold. Even when it’s bitter cold out, few people are wearing their… Read more »


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